Suzhou textile industry

pic suzhou textile industrySuzhou, called Wu in ancient time, has over 2,500 years of rich history. It has been well known as a “Venice of China” due to its beautiful scenery nestled against mountains and rivers. What’s more, the colorful local culture and numerous traditional handcrafts also originated from this rich land. Song Brocade and Su Embroidery, the “laurel of brocade and embroidery”, represented the top level of fabric handcrafts at that time. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, after the royal “Weaving Bureau” was established here, Suzhou became the most prosperous weaving center then. Thus, a large number of delicate and luxurious handmade fabrics were
sold to other countries all over the world through the Silk Road.

Delicate handmade fabrics from Suzhou, China

FIRST FLAG is a brand of children clothes, which has made full use of handmade fabrics,
selecting the high standard silk and cotton to make the unique fabric products — the top-level children clothes. The silk production as one of the traditional Chinese crafts has a long history and the entire process starts from feeding silkworms.
You can feel the long-history tradition and delicateness through its fabulous products.

Brand design of FIRST FLAG


Graphic designer Kenya HARA Its fabric has super silk-like touch-feeling. Cotton materials come from all over the world after serious confirmation for safety. Wools are knitted into finished products with skilled manual techniques. When I watched the above process with my own eyes, I had an idea to help it realize its potential value as a brand. So I took the job as a designer of the comprehensive brand including the image identification, package, shop design, and etc.
FIRST FLAG originates from the concept of “Establishing an independent company with the globally admitted value”. Although it just has been born recently, I do sincerely hope that it could grow up gradually towards one of the China's top children clothes brands.

FIRST FLAG materials

pic first flag materials 01

For FIRST FLAG, natural materials such as organic cotton, wool and silk are used.High-quality texture of silk has thickness of Chinese traditional handcraft.
Clothes with selected safe cotton and hand-knitting luxuriously have beautiful and soft texture.

pic first flag materials 02
Design concept of the baby carrier

pic design concept of the baby carrier 01Fashion designer Kosuke TSUMURA The baby carrier is a kind of “dress” designed for babies who have been newborn and it means far beyond its original functions. It mainly adopts white color and is purely handmade by delicate knitting, presenting purity, naivety, tenderness and beauty of a new life. These delicate clothes make people happy physically and mentally. The selected materials are organic and safe cotton. With much time and efforts spent in those products, we pursue to a perfect combination of delicate workmanship and natural safety.

Five styles of the baby carrier
  • Hat style

    1. Hat style Only the hand-knitted hat can show a cone shape slowly tightening from the bottom to the top, and such a hat can wrap around the babies’ heads comfortably.

  • Luxury King Costume style

    2. Luxury King Costume style It can not help but make people remind of Chinese Emperors’ shining and blinking costumes.
    A little longer sleeves make kids easy to show up their hands when sleeves are folded.

  • Bag style

    3. Bag style A sense of fun is embodied into the baby carrier when it is locked from top to bottom with buttons. It includes the expended soft organic cotton, comfortable pupa-like design as well as the square-parcel-like and multi-functional design. Each baby carrier is a perfect combination of delicate handmade knitting and creation.

  • Pupa style

    4. Pupa style

  • Wrapping style

    5. Wrapping style

Baby series

The baby series mainly adopt “White” color,
which symbolizes the purity, beauty and naivety of a new life.
The product categories are complete, including indoor, outdoor and bath products.

  • Outdoor suit

    1. Outdoor suit It adopts a special double-woven technique. The surface layer is cashmere and the inner layer is silk. The material is soft and comfortable and can be worn next to the skin.
    It is a luxury design.

  • Home clothes

    2. Home clothes It adopts American organic long-staple cotton and special double-woven technique, possesses super stretching capability and keeps babies warm.

  • Silk seamless home clothes

    3. Silk seamless home clothes 100% silk. It adopts the latest 3D manufacturing technology and is made into seamless one-piece baby clothes, which can reduce the friction between skin and clothes, offering more considerate care to babies.

  • Outdoor  clothes

    4. Outdoor clothes It has an extreme sense of silk and cashmere with concise design and decorated with pure handmade accessories. It is the first choice for babies in their full-month, the 100th Day Birthday Party and etc.

  • Jacket

    5. Jacket Fluffy appearance with 100% silk cotton liner, fitter, warmer and comfortable.

  • Outdoor clothes

    6. Outdoor clothes Simple and high-quality cashmere sweater, precise handmade knitting.

  • Bathrobe suit

    7. Bathrobe suit It adopts selected American organic long-staple cotton and safe for wearing next to the skin.

  • Outdoor suit

    8. Outdoor suit It is interwoven with silk and wool and has unique feeling and texture, keeping babies warmer and fitting better.

  • Baby soap

    Baby soap The safe and secure soaps without any additive are made from our hearts.

  • Gift package

    Gift package Inspired by knit when designed, the gift package is unique and marvelous.


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